Il concetto di documentazione e il suo riflesso nella formazione di professionisti e ricercatori in Spagna

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José López Yepes


The essay proposes the objectives and characteristics of documentation starting from its conception of science for science and of informational science. It furthermore analyzes the functions of this discipline within the sphere of science.
The author then presents the steps followed for constructing the concept of documentation in Spain starting from Paul Otlet's experience and especially his Traité de Documentation. The terminological problem is then dealt with and criteria are proposed for the formulation of the concept of documentation sciences, in the broad sense, and the corresponding definitions. Lastly, the author deals with the Spanish project of a new definition of the degree course to conform to the Declaration of Bologna and the bases for the configuration of documental research are presented, together with its evaluation, with special reference to doctoral theses as a genuine tool of formation for researchers in this study area.

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